Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a beginning..

this is interesting.. a blog.. I step in with much trepidation..
one has always seen the work of many talented artists with great delight..
and the spirit of sharing fostered by these blogs on the internet has been a source of inspiration and humility for me.

The sketches and images produced in the course of my work as director/animator at Animagic are all part of a great and ongoing learning process which I hope will meet with kind appraisal by fellow artists..

Dedicated to my Guru, to the supreme teacher and all teachers past and present..

One of my earliest attempts to paint on the comp.. the cosmic dance of Shiva.


  1. Chetan, congrats on starting your blog! I am adding it to my feeds and am looking forward to your creations! All the best!

  2. Hi Chetan,

    Gosh so hard believe this is painted on the compi!!

    Congratulations on the blog! So so happy.. :D