Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Animagic is 12!!! Part 2: Change.. in instalments

My gratefull thanks to all who have contributed to the journey so far or been part of it in any way!! It has all been a wonderful and organic process and I wouldn't change it for a thing!!

Speaking of change, the Animagic website is undergoing a rehaul.. and it's got a new look!!! Its going to have a lot more masala in it. Lots of stuff there already.. lots more cleaning going on..
 Most importantly the New Raju & I site is up!! Many more preproduction drawings, character sketches and backgrounds....
there's a guestbook up too, so please do write something when you visit.. and please do go back for more..

'Atul's Village' Background by Shailaja Jain


  1. Hello, Looking to my aresai your blog, your writing and I salute you, Michael - Greece

  2. Awesome! You guys are indeed magicians! Congrats on completion of the dozen! The dogs are gorgeous!
    luv life; luv music

  3. Thanks a lot C. Animagic is one of the best things happenend in my life. Those days and nights are much cherished and treasured : )
    Wishing Animagic many many many cheerful, vibrant and inspiring years ahead!!

  4. Thanks, Michael !! Thanks Gita!!

    Shailja, you know I cant describe your time in the studio any better than you have.. Really.. you believed, .. and your contribution to Raju & I is one of true team spirit and gentleness, not to forget the artistry as the image can testify.. I am proud of what we achieved. ..and your coffee played a crucial role too!! :)
    You do your work so simply and beautifully..
    Thanks for your wishes and hope we work together again in those cheerful, vibrant and inspiring years ahead you've just wished us!!