Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Animagic is 12!!! Part 2: Change.. in instalments

My gratefull thanks to all who have contributed to the journey so far or been part of it in any way!! It has all been a wonderful and organic process and I wouldn't change it for a thing!!

Speaking of change, the Animagic website is undergoing a rehaul.. and it's got a new look!!! Its going to have a lot more masala in it. Lots of stuff there already.. lots more cleaning going on..
 Most importantly the New Raju & I site is up!! Many more preproduction drawings, character sketches and backgrounds....
there's a guestbook up too, so please do write something when you visit.. and please do go back for more..

'Atul's Village' Background by Shailaja Jain

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Animagic is 12!!! Part 1: Going to the Dogs!!!

The first dozen this 1st of May!! Well, it's been a loooong journey but the party is just pickin up big time!!! 

Seriously though, it is thanks to this studio that I am whatever it is I am today.. It is my life, my temple, my worship, my university, my playground, my sasural and my maika!! and with Shambho and Dumroo, it has taken my life to the dogs!!!  Shambho completed one year with us on the 1st as well.. he came on the birthday last year... he was meant to be here.. 
And little Dumroo landed up at our doorstep on the 1st of January... so he completed 4 months with us too!! Triple celebration!!! 
These fellas are such fun that sometimes we feel that we should have a blog just to record them..especially Shambho's pics come out so great.. He is the most handsome member of our team!!! and has converted many dog-avoiders to full time doggy friends!


(in hindi its the name of a little drum played by The Great God Shiva when dancing..) 
he had a peculiar timing in his movement, as he went about chasing his own tail..

The very regal Shambho