Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Animagic gets 'UNREAL'!! Our first film in 3D!

 So it's up!! We are very excited to present something totally different!!! Gayatri found herself in the Epic Games-Unreal Fellowship 1st ever Women Creators Program in India!

She was among the 21 creators selected who came from diverse backgrounds from programming, 2D animation - 3D animation, virtual production, Cinematography, producing etc..

They were introduced to the amazing Unreal engine and expected to come up with a film in the 4-5 weeks of the program, while the Technical advisors taught them, problem-solved and guided them thru an amazing learning process. Gayatri had zero technical interest but encouraged by Vani Saraswati agreed to participate in this new world.

Of Course she had us (Prajakta and me ) along for the ride- all of us technical nincompoops!!
So we scratched our heads, tried to keep up with the flow of knowledge but (very importantly) make the film we wanted to make. We will share our adventure in greater detail later. But UGAM is a sort of peek into a project brewing in G's head for a looooong time... The theme of the fellowship was amazingly in sync with it and we found more and more correlations as we went ahead...

One of the most striking things about this program was how many difficulties were piled up- obviously the Pandemic- people had corona issues - some themselves -some had teammates dropping out due to illness etc (G herself had 2 deaths in her close circle, besides a hazaar bimaar who she had to help...) the various disruptions caused by the cyclone... internet connectivity and power outages... apart from the very challenging technical demands of learning something from scratch.. and make a film at the same time... for some, even the challenge of making their first ever film too!! And so many different creative ways of looking at a single theme!

Kudos to all the creators who survived and a big shout out to the EPIC team and all the mentors!For us it was wish fulfillment to see Agastya and Kaveri come alive!!
Congrats to G for sticking with the vision come hell or high-water (!)
Do watch all the other films of the program at the Unreal channel on Vimeo..
It is truly fascinating! and Surreal..Unreal...yay!! The future is here!

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